Our New Jersey HVAC Client Testimonials

"I just recently had Tavares do... Great Service, Professional, Reliable I just recently had Tavares do work on my home AC unit. Jose was able to come out promptly. He was very professional and was able to fix the problem quickly. This was a second opinion on a problem and in the end I was very happy I called. Great service and would definitely recommend."
-- S_Monjunct 08/09/2013

"Called Tavares today and got my Heating unit issue resolved.. The technician came in, quickly identified the issue and got out in no time. Very reasonable charge, friendly and explained me clearly the technical issue before fixing the problem. I will for sure call them for regular maintenance going forward. I always appreciate professional guys like this and who are honest and true to their customers."
-- Ragu R. 01/31/2014

"Quick response, excellent service, highly qualified !"
-- PeteParlin 06/23/2012

"Over the busy Memorial Day Weekend, I had a problem with my AC. I called Tavares and spoke to Jose. He arrived at my house before the promised time and fixed the problem in a reasonable amount of time. He was courteous, checked everything and did not try to sell me things or fix things that did not need to be fixed or replaced.

The fee was very, very reasonable especially for coming out on a Saturday of a Holiday weekend. Tavares is now my HVAC guy and will recommend them to anyone."
--carlbuf 05/29/2012

"Tavares is the BEST!!! I have never had a better experience. Over the years, I have called many HVAC professionals but none of them measured up to the professional expertise I experienced with Tavares HVAC. I will call them in the future for maintaining my system."
-- ADD418 05/24/2012

"I had such a great experience with Tavres HVAC, LLC!! Jose answered the phone right away and came to my house within an hour!! He was extremely knowledgable and fixed my AC right away without any problems!! I am so relieved to find a heating and cooling system that I can really trust! Great job, Jose!!"
-- KTKennedy 05/23/2012

"Hello I'm writing to express my thanks. I had Jose Tavares come to my home and he and his team quickly were able to fix my heater. They came at a later date to install the humidifier. They finished the job quickly and I am very satisfied with how my heat/humidifier are working now. They were also able to address other questions I had. You offer a great service and have great employees.!"

"Prompt service. The technician was very friendly and thoroughly explained to me what was going on with my air conditioning unit so that I knew exactly what I was paying for. It was 100 degrees out and I woke up in the middle of the night at about midnight to a hot muggy house. Being that I have a newborn child, I needed it to be fixed ASAP! A technician was there within a half hour and fixed the problem quickly and efficiently and was out of my house within an hour of being there so that I could go back to sleep comfortably! Will definitely be calling them for all of my future heat and air needs and will recommend them to everyone!"
-- jerseygirl123

"Answered the phone right away; I didn't have to leave a message or talk to an answering service. Came out the same day and when I got home from work (around 7pm). Upon arrival he was extremely knowledgeable and walked me through everything he was doing so that I understood exactly what was going on. Found and fixed my problem quickly and efficiently! Was very courteous, clean and polite as well. Would HIGHLY recommend to anyone looking for superior service!"
-- kmnf002

"Terrific and prompt same day service. Excellent prices. Would highly recommend."
-- thepcmd

"Jose was the most honest and reliable person I've ever experienced with a heating and A/C company. He didn't over charge me, and was here on time with short notice. I won't let anyone other than Tavares Heating and Cooling touch my heat or A/C; so you would be crazy not calling him. My father always said a smart man learns from other peoples' mistakes, the stupid one learns from his own. So don't learn by your mistakes, learn from mine! Call Tavares Heating and Air Conditioning for all your heating and cooling needs."
-- silvi

"I have used this company for 2 years now. They are the most reliable company around. They show up at your house as soon as possible, sometimes within an hour or so, but always during the time frame they say that they will be there and they only give 2 hour time frmaes. So you aren't sitting around all day waiting for them. Technicians are clean, friendly, and extremely courteous. I have recommended them to everyone that has never needed HVAC services. I will never use another HVAC company again."
-- frenchfry

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